Uganda Kapkwai Sipi Falls

Uganda Kapkwai Sipi Falls

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This particular micro-lot is one of just a small handful of natural coffees produced by the station. Coffees like this, where the fruit is untouched and allowed to sun-dry, retain high amounts of fruit flavor from the increased contact time with the cherry.

Region: Kapkwai, Kapchorwa District  
Farm:  Sipi Falls Farming Community
Process: Natural
Cultivar: Blue Mountain, SL14, SL28
Altitude: 1300 - 2000 M

Roast: Medium Light

Our coffees are roasted to bring out the finest characteristics from the beans of each region. If you desire a lighter or deeper roast to any of our offerings, please email me at We are always happy to customize roast preferences and will help you select appropriate choices to fill your requests.